3 Greek songs from Thanos Petrelis

Occasionally a few days ago I found a Greek song inside my hard drive and I liked the rhythm of the song. The surname was Thanos Petrelis and the song was in Greek.

The best songs of Thanos Petrelis that I like the most listed below:
1.1.Pos Ksenietai Kapoia San Esena
2. To Aima Mou 3. Bora Use The Peraseis

To listen and download the songs above, please click on the link.

Download Thanos Petrelis best songs

Gifted Movie overview

After a long time, I saw Gifted pretty good film and I am going to write some short lines about this movie, maybe you would like to see it.

Gifted movie is about a 7 years genius smart girl who is just starting school for the first time.

Mary has tremendous power in solving mathemathical problems and it is easy to solve simple problems like 1+1 or 10+8. However, she is powerful in solving complicated equations like Navier–Stokes equations.

She is not a typical girl and as the Gifted name means, she has great talent.

The first 15 minutes of the movie will definitely cling you and it will make you see the film until the end.

It is better not to tell you all the story of this movie. Just in short, I would like to say that movies instead of being about the fate of this genius girl who will serve the world with her extraordinary talent in the future, is about her family.

Some of them believe that Mary should go to the best schools for geniuses and engage in mathematics and solve heavy equat…

Tineye website (reverse image search engine)

Maybe you would like to know that you yourself have worked on and post on your site, on what other sites have been published.

Or maybe you have a picture and you would like to know if there is a better version of these image on the internet? or get more information about that photo, for example who first published it or what other sites were published.

Or maybe you would like to know if there is anyone using photos on Instagram or Facebook or not?

For each of the above, you can use inverted search engines to capture the image.

In addition to the Google Photo Search engine you would probably always find, you can also use the tineye site.

Just upload the desired photo or copy the photo URL and see the results.
This search engine has differences with the Google search engine, for example:
Tineye will not show you the images you uploaded.
If you upload a picture of a polar bear, it will be exactly the same as your own, and will show you various versions of it published on the Internet, b…

How to make backlink by Medium

You must like to get a link from a valid website.

Sometimes. this linkbuilding are done naturally because our content is so valuable that other websites link to our site.

But sometimes, we need to create this linkbuilding by yourself

It is really easy.

If you are writing your weblog in other languages except for English (for example my original website address is, Just use Google Translate and translate it into English.

Or if you want to strengthen your English skills, try to write it yourself.

Then, go to blogger and make a new weblog.

Put your English content into blogger posts and link to your original website.

Then, go to the Medium website.

Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams, and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation. The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regular…

how to add colored content box to wordpress

It may have come to you that you posted something on your website and you wanted to create a color box or even an empty box.

For example see the picture below:

how we can create this colorful box without any plugin in Wordpress?

To do this, just go to the text editor of your wordpress page.

Now, enter the below code at the beginning of the text box that appears in the color box:

<div style=”border:1px solid black;padding:1.2em; background-color:yellow;”> and put the below code at the end of the text. </div> You can see the text editor of the same post as below.

As you can see, the red boxes are the same as above. How we can personalize this colorful boxes? As you can see in the code above, near to the border word, 1px is written. you can change it. for example 10 px. You see in the below picture how it can affect our box.

Also, if you change the color from black to blue, you will see a box with blue color around it.

If you change the padding digit from 1.2 em to 5, you can …

pink (2016) movie + download

The pink movie, after the 3Idiotsmovie that I have seen and enjoyed a lot, is the second Indian movie that I can remember forever.
The movie, as it's name implies (because it is the favorite color of women) is about women and their certain right in society.

Three girls who trust some boys after a night club and dance, go to their house at night to rest.

After they drink, one of the boys try to make a sexual relationship with one of the girls unlike her desire and because of the girl's resistance, he tries to force her to have relation. Girl don't know what to do and so suddenly break a glass into his head.

After this incident, the son of this story, who is from a wealthy and influential Indian family, complaining and arresting the girl for murder charge and tries to put her into the jail for 9 years.

The girl also need to prove that she has been raped.

Well, as i said, it is an Indian film and I don't need to tell y…

JMemorize Software for computer

How to choose and download software for learning new vocabulary english so we can keep learning and reminding new words easily?

Today, I am going to talk about JMemorize software, one of the best and most powerful software to remind new words.

To download this software, please click here.

After you download this software, open it and you can add new words easily,

Following, you can find a picture which you can get familiar with Jmemorize.

source of the picture: (+)

Just click on the add new words and then write the new words and the meaning in english.

 after you finished you can easily click on the learning button to remind the new words.

It is so easy.

If you liked this software, please leave me a comment